- whats included

Note below are the total estimated fees for the seminar. 
For Australian participants they will be collected in 3 stages consisting of deposit of $AUD50 seminar (+$AUD50 for optional tour). In Janurary 2010 the first payment is due  and finally the balance of the seminar fee is due in Yen at the seminar (I haven't done the math on that yet though) UPDATE: Sensei is now collecting the third and final payment via Paypal for those that are able this will be a great help. There has beena slight price creep and many additional aexpenses are now included in the final payment sorry for any inconvenience

Date Activity     Expense 
'x' denotes whats covered

  Description Time Detail  Dec 2009
$50 for seminar+$50 for tour
1) Jan 2101 Fee
Pay via Paypal
31, 000Y

2) May 2010
Pay on arrival(via paypal before leaving preferred)
18, 500Y 
Optional May 2010
Optional Tour
 Fee on arrival
Final cost dependant on final numbers for the tour...sorry
Personal costs ~10, 000-20,000Y (its up to you estimates and recommendations provided in good faith)
1 Transit   Transit to Matsusaka      x Tokyo - Nagoya
      Transit to Matsusaka      x Osaka- Matsusaka 3,500Y
      Transit to Matsusaka      x Nagoya - Matsusaka
      Transit to Matsusaka      x Nagoaya - Mat via ferry
Transit      x Shuttle bus from Matsusaka port 100 yen
Sake and dinner
 Sake-sommelier at 
Hashimoto Sensei's
mums Pub
  x  recently included in registration
    Accom Route Inn Hotel
check in by 7pm preferred
2 Seminar Break  8:30 leave for dojo  x    
   AM 9am Opening ceremony    traditional Japanese arts
    AM Aikido class  x    
    Lunch    x    
    PM Aikido class  x    
    Dinner By themselves       Optional dinner 3000Y, italian style
    Accom Route Inn Hotel      
3 Seminar Break    x    
    AM Aikido class  x    
    Lunch    x    
    PM Aikido class  x    
    Dinner Japanese Restaurant
  x    *NEW* now included in registration food  ( including all drinks/sake, vegetarian options - please advise in Jan
    Accom Route Inn Hotel      
4 Seminar Break    x    
    AM Aikido class  x    
    Lunch    x    
    PM Aikido class  x    
    Accom Ryokan,
traditional Japanese inn Seminar dinner
  X   x this is now included in registration(first fee was increased by sensei)  8,000yen (dinner is included)+ drinks. Some may leave straight after seminar so it is not included in seminar or tour
5 Tour Break    x    
    AM Ise Shrine    x tfrs 600Y
    Lunch  Tofu-Ya      x
    PM Ise Shrine       
    Dinner  Koyasan temple    x  + drinks
    Accom Koyasan temple    x  
6 Tour Break      x  
    AM Temple Zazen sitting    x  
    Lunch        x
    PM Temple Sutra/  brush calligraphy   
 x 1000Y if you want to do some yourself
    Dinner Koyasan temple    x  
    Accom Koyasan temple    x  + drinks
7 Tour Break      x  
    AM Nara Temples      x ~500Y
    Lunch        x
    PM Nara Temples      x ~500Y
    Dinner  A Kyoto Inn     x  drinks are extra
    Accom A Kyoto Inn    x  
8 Tour Break      x  
    AM Kyoto      x
    Lunch Transit      x
    PM Kyoto      x
x some might leave tour here for Osaka flights
    Accom Nagoya hotel   
 x something can be arranged here for people but many will be in transit on this day
9 Tour/ Transit Break      x  
      transit      x Nagoya - Tokyo
      transit      x Nagoya - Nag airport

NOTE:     1 those not actually doing the seminar (accompanying persons) will pay less for the Seminar fee
                2 Top Tour fee is dependant on numbers attending the tour