Seminar programme
Join a fabulous line up of senior instructors from Japan and around the world for three days of exploring aikido with out boundaries  building a bridge between Japan and Australia. 

Located in Matsusaka its only a short ferry ride (45min) across the bay from Nagoya airport takes you back in time as you enter rural old stye Japan. A 3 day intensive aikido seminar will have you relaxing each night in the sento (traditional bath house) before enjoying traditional local foods. Enjoy top class training facilities on a umm.. 250 mat dojo on a sprung wooden floor. 

Cultural Tour
After the seminar you can join the optional tour wher  we visit the Ise shrine (perhaps Japans most important shrine)  that is  well of the tourist track and rarely visited by westerners. Enjoy the atmosphere, traditional foods and crafts. Only a day later find yourself doing some tradional buddist activities and staying in a temple and other activities. Scroll down and grab the attachment which includes preliminary  costs and itinery. All costs in Yen.

Those with a little more time and cashed up can  stay on for fabulous Kyoto (the old capital), maybe koyasan and then hit the new capital Tokyo (which has the same number of people as Australia living in it) maybe staying at Andrew Sunters favourite hotel the Andon Ryokan and then head home the following Friday, alternatively stay longer and hump a backpack (for the independant travellers amongst you)

Preliminary programme
May 1st:  Arrival at Matsusaka
May 2nd - 4th   Aikido Seminar      
May 5th:   Ise Grand Shrine, departing for Koyasan after lunch. Arrive at Koyasan in the evening.Stay at a buddhist temple.
May 6th:   Sightseeing at Koyasan.(Whole day)
 May 7th:   Sightseeing at Koyasan, departing for Nara after lunch.
 May 8th:  Sightseeing at Nara, departing for Nagoya early evening.

Costs (see Programme costs - whats included)
3 day seminar 41, 500Y
4 day tour  45, 000Y (optional))

All costs require a deposit in late 2009 ($AUD), accomodation and Tour costs in Jan 2010 (in Yen via VISA card) and the balance payable in Yen at the seminar 

(Exchange rate on deposit will be calculated as at the day of the seminar)

Travel arrangements and Cost breakdown
A non-refundable deposit will be collected late 2009. The seminar fee and optional tour fee balance(s) are payable on arrival in Yen. Scroll down and grab the attachment which includes preliminary  costs and itinery. All costs in Yen.
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