The seminar programme will feature instructors from Aikido Yuishinkai, Kodokai Aikido and Junshinkai Aikido (seminar hosts).

Yoshitaka Hashimoto Sensei

Founder Junshinkai Aikido, Seminar host

Hashimoto sensei's aikido career began over 30years ago in the Aikikai before joining Maruyama and Tohei Sensei's in the Ki Society where he was also a live in student, during this time he won a two Gold medals in the All Japan Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido Taigi, a paired and solo kata competition. Today as founder of Junshinkai Aikido he heads a number of dojo in the Osaka area and continues to enjoy a close relationship with Maruyama sensei.

 Sensei draws on the core aspects of our art and ki principles to show aikido that is dynamic, soft and flowing. An English teacher by profession Sensei communicates clearly and articulately to a western audience in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Master Koretoshi Maruyama

Founder Aikido Yuishinkai
Koretoshi Maruyama was born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, on October 5, 1936. He graduated from the Economics Department of Keio University in March of 1956, after which he joined his father's business, Maruyama Manufacturing. He became interested in the martial arts from his Middle School years, and at his father's urging he took up Judo and earned a black belt. Again at his fathers urging, in his first year of college, he entered the Rikidozan School of Professional Wrestling, and also trained in weight lifting and boxing, while continuing his training in Judo at the Kodokan.

In the spring of his third year of college, he began to develop doubts about the martial arts of judo, wrestling and boxing, which emphasized a mere contest of strength. At this point he entered the Aikikai, as well as the Keio University Aikido Club. It was here that he found in Aikido what he had been searching for all those years, a martial art which did not depend on strength, and taught the right attitude of mind. After he graduated from Keio University, he continued his training in Aikido, while working in the family business.

In 1967 he delegated his responsibilities in the family business so that he could become a full time professional Aikido instructor, under the tutelage of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, and dedicate himself to the martial art that taught the principles of mind and Ki.In 1971 he went to Hawaii for 4 months, to teach Aikido on each of the islands. In 1972, he resigned from the Aikikai to become the Chief Instructor of the Ki no Kenkyukai, founded in September of 1971 by Koichi Tohei Sensei, who granted Maruyama Sensei the rank of 8th-dan.In 1973 he became responsible for teaching in Hawaii, and for 10 years taught Ki Principles at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, as well as at Keio University Physical Education Research Department in Japan. From 1977 he studied with Haruchika Noguchi Sensei how to heal and help people with Ki and use Ki in daily life. At the same time, he also studied the psychology of Zen from the Zen Priest Shogen Munou, from whom he learned how to use the mind positively.

Master Minoru Oshima

Founder Kodokai Aikido

Minoru Oshima has been an Aikido teacher for over thirty years. As one of Koichi Tohei’s most inspired students and under the tutelage of Koretoshi Maruyama, he first came to the United States in 1974 and taughtfor two years in the Los Angeles area. In 1976 he returned to Japan to further his knowledge of Aikido and associated martial arts. In 1980, he came to Florida where he established Kodokai Aikido. There are several Kodokai dojos in the United States and Japan. Master Oshima has directed an Aikido program for 2,000 correctional officers in the Florida Prison System. The program emphasized the philosophy and techniques of Aikido that could be applied by the officers in the event of a confrontation with prison inmates. He has also directed Police Defensive Tactics Workshops throughout the state of Florida and has been a guest speaker on a variety of topics throughout the United States. 

Michael Williams Sensei

Aikido Yuishinkai
International Chief Instructor

Michael Williams Sensei was first attracted to Aikido while visiting New Zealand in 1974, where he attended demonstrations by Koichi Tohei Sensei. He was a serious student of Yoga and Wing Chun Kung Fu at that time.  Returning to his homeland of South Africa, he began training with Jean Claude Delgueldre Sensei, Chief Instructor of Aikido in South Africa.  He immigrated to New Zealand in 1978 where he continued his training with the New Zealand Ki Society.  He moved to Australia in 1981, where he founded Aikido Ki Society Australia and established his first dojo at Griffith University in Brisbane. In 1985 he was appointed Chief Instructor of Australia by Koichi Tohei Sensei. At that time Maruyama Sensei was the Chief Instructor of Ki Society International and taught many seminars in Australia and New Zealand. He was an inspirational teacher to one and all and during this time, Williams Sensei and Maruyama Sensei formed a special bond.

In 1989, Williams Sensei relocated to Byron Bay in northern NSW where he built ‘Goshinkan Dojo’. Bordered by forest reserve, ‘Goshinkan’ provides a serene haven for all Australian aikidoists to train together. It was officially opened by Master Koretoshi Maruyama, President of Ki Society International, in May 1991.

Williams Sensei resigned from Ki Society International in January 2002 after a 28-year association with the organisation.  At the same time he also resigned from Aikido Ki Society Australia, the group he founded in 1981. After re-establishing contact with Maruyama Sensei, Williams Sensei was requested to act as a facilitator to disseminate Aikido Yuishinkai throughout the world.  There are now Aikido Yuishinkai dojos operating in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Michael Williams Sensei was awarded 9th Dan and appointed as International Chief Instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai by the Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai, Master Koretoshi Maruyama, in October 2003. In this role, he acts as facilitator for the expansion of Aikido Yuishinkai International and makes available the resources necessary to disseminate information to affiliated dojos around the world. Assisting in this role are Elisabeth Andel, multimedia coordinator and Valerie Williams, correspondence and promotions.