budo gear

Some people are interested in buying Japanese budo gear whilst in Japan. Here are some links and recommendations of some places in Japan , you can visit, or order from mail order and have delivered to your hotel. Hashiomoto Sensei will also advise on options in Matsusaka city as well.

Iwata are a family business in Tokyo that make quality dogi and hakama for Aikido practicioners, i think they supplied to the founder and Maruyama sensei wears Iwata. The Miyabi gi in partcular is a popular choice for Australian people as it is light weight and very comfortable. Iwata equipment is high cost if shipped to Australia as the cost of shipping is similar to the cost of the items. It is however possible to have it shipped within Japan quite inexpensively. I have bought off the rack in the store in Tokyo and also by mail order and had shipped to a hotel in Japan and have found the service to be good. Their website is here http://www.alpha-net.ne.jp/users2/iwataco/frame2e.html
Custom embroidery on katakana takes a few days so factor that in (or wait nervously on the day you are leaving your hotel for a package to arrive from Iwata)

The Bokken Shop
http://www.bokkenshop.com/  John Ward Sensei has bought from the Bokken shop in Kyoto before, I think they will also do shipping. 

http://www.tozando.com/  is another popular Japanese martial arts store that quite few people have bought hakama from and are happy with